Why Zerbach & Company?

Some of what you will read on our homepage you may also find elsewhere. These are the “Corporate Finance basics”, that many other banks or advisory boutiques are also offering. Of course, this is our daily business. Our USP, however, has developed from decades of experience with Mittelstand companies, their owners and shareholder families, as well as the relevant players in the financing and private equity sectors. A thorough understanding of their individual approaches and needs allows us to offer our clients professional advisory at eye-level with the necessary anticipation and long-term thinking.

The team combines more than 50 years of relevant corporate finance and transaction experience and has been working successfully for many years in unchanged constellation. This experience gives us a strong understanding of the needs of mid-sized companies, professional private equity investors and family offices as well as national and international strategic investors. We consider ourselves as an empathic and independent counterpart and no “wise guys”. In order to combine the often complex requirements of different stakeholders, we deliver creative and individual solutions if necessary. This approach focuses a long-term relationship to our clients, however, time critical projects will be executed on short notice by our experienced team. As a result, our clients benefit from professional advisory on an equal basis, which does not lead into a dogmatic transaction process but implements your individual requirements and goals through the following features:

Entrepreneurial thinking

Entrepreneurs advising entrepreneurs. Our motivation is always 100% in line with our client’s intentions and targets. We always thrive at exceeding our client’s expectations by offering extraordinary commitment and the highest level of forthrightness and candidness in each project.

Experience and continuity

The execution of projects is exclusively carried out by long-term experienced Partners that work together successfully as a team for years. We guarantee our clients senior management attention, quality and experience as well as project team continuity throughout the entire client relationship.

Know-how and power of execution

The team is characterized by a high level of Corporate Finance know-how as well as method- and process management capabilities. However, our superior power of execution is based on our long-term experience with mid-cap companies and owners as well as the M&A and financing community.

Independency and exclusivity

We are fully independent and always engage 100% in the sole and best interest of our client. We are free of any third party influences or interests.

Commitment and endurance

Our advisory is geared towards the achievement of your long-term strategic targets and for an enduring, stable and trustful collaboration with our clients. Of course we can execute time-critical projects at short notice, but we also have the patience and tenacity if the project demands for it.

Discretion and confidentiality

A matter of course and implicitness, which we regard as one of our most significant values.

Professional information access

In order to provide our clients with the best possible information and data to substantiate their decisions, we have access to the relevant Corporate Finance and M&A real-time financial information.