This is what current and former business partners say about the collaboration with the Partners in their previous capacities:

  • Emsländer Baustoffwerke, established in 1899, is a producer of premium quality products for brickwork at state-of-the-art production technology. We cover the entire product range of sand-lime bricks and porous concrete.

    During the implementation of our diversification strategy we initially met Leander Zerbach and Lars Junc. Together we developed the cornerstones of an acquisition strategy and in the following, both gentlemen presented to us selected target companies according to the set framework of strategic criteria.

    After the first personal meeting with Mr. Fischer, we already knew that not only Fischer Fertigungstechnik was the perfect fit for us, but also the personal chemistry between Mr. Fischer and ourselves added up. Leander Zerbach and Lars Junc have managed the entire acquisition process that followed and advised us particularly on the determination of the purchase price, the structuring of the acquisition finance, the due diligence process and the final negotiations. They understood how to establish the contact between ourselves and the decision makers of Fischer Fertigungstechnik and to lead the transaction process to its successful closing.

    Bernhard Göcking
    Managing Shareholder Emsländer Baustoffwerke GmbH & Co. KG

  • Born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I had the unique pleasure to ride my Bobbycar toy-car through the production facilities as a young kid together with the son of the plant manager. This is when the “toy virus” had infected me for the first time.

    After job engagements in Tunisia and China, I joined Schleich in 1999, a company that is known worldwide for its high-quality, natural toy figurines, which can be found, statistically, in every German kid’s bedroom. The company was founded in 1935 and has faced most of the challenges a company can incur. In 2004, one of our co-shareholders at the time intended to sell his shares. This is when I learned to know and appreciate Leander Zerbach for the first time.

    With an extraordinary degree of respect and delicacy, he was able to bring together the various shareholder interests and all of us witnessed a highly successful sale of the majority of shares to Hg Capital. Today, Schleich is operating globally and generates sales exceeding EUR 100 million. Since then, Leander Zerbach and his colleagues have personally advised and accompanied me with my various entrepreneurial activities, a valuable support I no longer want to miss.

    Paul Kraut
    Former Managing Shareholder Schleich GmbH

  • We have collaborated intensively with Leander Zerbach and Marc Bollinger during the acquisition process of one of our portfolio companies. When considering their work and project management, I particularly value their engaging, binding and authentic manner as well as their pragmatic and straightforward advisory approach, which is sometimes needed in difficult situations in order to find suitable solutions for all stakeholders involved and to bring the transaction to a success.

    Hannes Hinteregger
    Managing Director Avedon Capital Partners

  • Reichwald & Co., founded in 1804, is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the Siegerland region of Germany. Historically grown, two separate businesses existed side-by-side for a long time: steel wholesale and wholesale of sanitary equipment. During the course of a strategic reassessment, my family in 2013 decided to focus on steel wholesale only.

    Leander Zerbach and Lars Junc significantly supported me in the sale of the sanitary wholesale business as M&A adviser. Beside their excellent know-how and experience with a transaction process, that is not an everyday task for a company owner, I particularly valued their continuous efforts to appreciate all personal issues and concerns of the family shareholders and to consider them in the transaction process. In the end, Reichwald & Co. was able to fully achieve all targets set out in the process.

    With Elmer Group, Mr. Zerbach and Mir. Junc have found a buyer, that showed an equal family business culture as we have and was very interested in preserving and sustaining the business segment as a whole, which was very important to us with regard to your employees.

    Falko Reichwald
    Managing Director and Shareholder Reichwald GmbH und Co. KG

  • As an Interim-CEO I have the pleasure to always face new tasks and challenges. During my engagement at Schwering, the German producer of interior doors in Reken, I first met Leander Zerbach and Marc Bollinger in 2009. This is also the time when I first learned to appreciate their support and advisory. Of utmost importance in the transaction process at the time was that both had the right level of empathy and delicacy to bring together the various stakeholders in a complex and highly complicated process, a task that is particularly difficult in the case of family owned businesses. In the end, we sold the company to Herholz Group, a large and successful family owned competitor in the region. Since then, I am happy to say, that we have maintained contact during my various engagements at other companies. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work together with both gentlemen.

    Thomas E. Wenzel
    Managing Director BCM Kosmetik GmbH

  • As the managing shareholder and following the departure of my co-shareholder at the end of 2012, I was looking for an investor, who could lead the further internationalisation process of the already internationally active deconta Group as the leader in its niche market. Furthermore, I intended to proactively pave the way for the next generation in the Board of Management. Following an individually tailored and accurately conducted selection and transaction process, Pinova Capital participated with a minority shareholding after only 9 months.

    With Mr. Zerbach and Dr. Junc I had two highly committed and competent advisors by my side, who managed to induce the necessary decisions or pragmatic solutions with their long-term experience, personal network and – very important – with the necessary intuition and empathy for the situation. We continue our inspiring contact since the closing of the transaction.

    Wilhelm Wessling
    Managing shareholder deconta GmbH