Non-transaction based advisory

  • Development of corporate business plans and financial models
  • Fairness Opinions and company valuations
  • Integrated financial planning
  • Analysis and evaluation of business cases
  • Support of internal management and financial department
  • Advisory with regard to increasing company value
  • Communication with investors and financing institutions on the basis of a sound understanding of both investor and company perspectives
  • Moderation of different stakeholders (e.g. at Advisory Board meetings or shareholder meetings)
  • Conflict mediation and accompaniment of changes in the shareholder structure
  • Development of corporate strategies together with management or shareholders

In most cases the only time you will meet your M&A advisor after the transaction is the “Closing Dinner”. However, in many cases the owner of a business stays with the company after the transaction, e.g. as managing director for a transitional period or he remains associated with the business (e.g. as a minority shareholder or provider of a shareholder loan). Other tasks and challenges, such as the implementation of business plans, the communication with financing partners or the new investor/owner as well as other change management processes usually are not part of the area of services or responsibilities of a M&A advisor. This is where we rather see ourselves as a long-term partner for our clients. We support them, if desired, also post-transaction with defined challenges and tasks on a project by project basis. If desired, we assist you in the transition phase after the transaction and as a sparring partner with regard to the new challenges. We offer you our knowledge and experience in the fields of Corporate Finance, business case analysis and corporate strategy supporting any future entrepreneurial endeavor.

Our added value

  • Sound theoretical and long-term practical experience with regard to company valuations / fairness opinions as well as business plan development
  • Long-term experience with owner personalities of Mittelstand companies as well as with the moderation of various stakeholder groups (e.g. in the Board of Shareholders)
  • Experienced and strategically versed sparring partner for your entrepreneurial challenges and endeavors