Senior Industry Advisors

The Industry Advisor Board of Zerbach & Company consists of renowned industry experts and entrepreneurs, who support the team with their specific experience, competence and networks.

Advisor Helen Fürst

Helen Fürst

Managing Director and owner of Fürst Group

Advisor Jürgen Heidel

Jürgen Heidel

Managing Director of SWA Technologies (part of Brückner Group)

Member of the Advisory Board of Rico-Werk Eiserlo & Emmrich GmbH and Rico Druckluftanlagen-bau GmbH

Advisor Markus Kloepfer

Markus Kloepfer

Managing Director and owner of alpha logs GmbH

Advisor Paul Kraut

Paul Kraut

Company shareholdings in Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe

Member of the Board of Sawu Sauels GmbH

Angel-VC-Investor of various start-ups

Former CEO and shareholder of toy figurine producer Schleich GmbH

Advisor Alexander Mesdaghi

Alexander Mesdaghi

Managing shareholder of Schmetz Capital Management GmbH

Member of the Board of VDMA industry association Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies

Advisor Dr. Michael Oltmanns

Dr. Michael Oltmanns, LL.M.

Partner of law firm Menold Bezler

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of
- Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG
- Becker Mining Systems AG
- Jetter AG
- HPC Aktiengesellschaft
- Kathrein SE

Advisor Oliver Schulte

Oliver Schulte

Shareholder of Buurtzorg Asia

Board Director of Ningbo Shenggu Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.

Supervisor of Suzhou FAB Vehicle Solutions Co., Ltd.

Former Managing Partner of Mannheimer Swartling Shanghai

Advisor Dr. Uwe Tillmann

Dr. Uwe Tillmann

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Melitta Group

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Stratmann Family Foundation

Former CEO of VION Food Group N.V.

Former Member of the Board of Bestmeat Company B.V.

Advisor Wilhelm Weßling

Wilhelm Weßling

Managing Director and shareholder of deconta GmbH