About us

Zerbach & Company was founded in 2014 to provide its Mittelstand clients with a fully independent and value-generating Corporate Finance advisory, free of short-term incentives or third party interests. The three founding partners Georg Leander Zerbach, Marc Bollinger and Dr. Lars Junc have been working together successfully as a team for years, among other in the M&A advisory firm of the cooperative banking sector, Germany’s third largest banking group. The partners combine more than 50 years of Corporate Finance and M&A experience.

The acquisition or sale of a business, succession planning in particular, are highly complex and delicate challenges. Especially in the case of family-owned Mittelstand companies, the success of a transactions, besides pure financial metrics, is determined by the personalities and sensitivities of the decision makers involved on both sides. Each transaction process is unique and requires a high degree of flexibility, creativity and experience. Therefore it is of utmost importance that your advisor acts in your best interest and according to your set targets and goals only.

As an independent, owner-managed M&A specialist for the German Mittelstand, we advise our clients on all equity-related matters, including the sale, acquisition or merger of a business, company succession planning, as well as structuring the finance of an acquisition. Furthermore we advise mid-cap oriented financial sponsors and family offices with regard to establishing investment portfolios. We always envision our client relationships as a long-term sustainable partnership rather than a transaction-by-transaction relationship only.