Zerbach & Company is an independent, owner managed Corporate Finance advisory firm, with its office located on Maarhausen manor in Cologne. We advise Mittelstand companies, their owners and management on buy-side and sell-side mergers & acquisitions (M&A) transactions, company succession and management buy-outs and buy-ins (MBO/MBI). Furthermore, we provide finance advisory as well as non-transaction based advisory services and advise family offices on setting up corporate investment portfolios. The founding partners combine more than 50 years of Corporate Finance and M&A experience and have worked successfully together for years. Through established partnerships with leading international mid-cap M&A advisory firms we rely on a strong network in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.

March 2017

Zerbach & Company launches innovative web-based platform Investorenguide.de to support entrepreneurs and start-ups...



January 2017

Zerbach & Company advises owners of DuoTherm Rolladen GmbH on the sale of their shares to BPE.



The suitable partner

Professional advisory at eye-level

Some of what you will read on the following pages you are also likely to find elsewhere. These are the “Corporate Finance Basics”, that many other banks or advisory boutiques are also offering. Of course, this is our daily business. Our USP, however, has developed from decades of experience with Mittelstand companies, their owners and shareholder families, as well as the relevant players in the financing and private equity sectors. A thorough understanding of their individual approaches and needs allows us to offer our clients professional advisory at eye-level with the necessary anticipation and long-term thinking.

If you support the following statements, Zerbach & Company will be the suitable partner for you:

You are seeking an advisor, who is prepared to listen first, before already giving answers when no question has yet been asked

You are not looking for ready-made schemes or dogmatic transaction processes, but rather for process management that is tailored and customized to your individual needs and aims

You are looking for someone, who seeks a solution for all stakeholders involved: shareholders, management, company, family, region etc.

You are looking for an advisor who not only develops strategic alternatives, but also brings in the necessary patience to let those alternatives evolve and develop parallel for the time it takes

You are seeking an accompaniment, who values more the needs and desires of the client rather than enforcing his own opinions

You are looking for an advisor who sees more than a simple project that needs to be managed

You are not looking for a wise-guy

You are looking for truly independent advisory